new member checklist/resources

St. Catherine of Siena

We have a checklist sort of document we hand out to new case workers but they must also ride along with an experienced case worker to observe and learn the process. If the conference is a new conference a nearby conference will be more then happy to have them ride along to get experience.

st. andrew

1. Training and development descriptive document.  It is given to new members to give them an overall view of the process and  progression.  However it is also meant for, and given to, existing members to convey to them the importance of their role in developing new members and the fact that by helping to develop new members they are performing a service to the Society and to the Conference.

2. New Member Matrix.  It is used primarily by the President to track the progression from prospective new members who have expressed an interest in joining through the training and development process for committed new members. Most of the columns are self-explanatory:

  • Info. email  --  this is an email sent to those who have expressed interest in SVdP to introduce ourselves to them, welcome and encourage them to join, and give them a brief overview of who we are and what we do.
  • Name Placard  --  name place card we use at our Conference meetings.  It makes new people feel welcome and included right away.
  • Attend Meetings / Home Visits  --  this is a qualitative tracker regarding whether they are attending meetings with some regularity and are going out on home visits as Secondaries.  For example, if a prospective new member who has expressed interest isn't attending meetings, that would indicate a need for a follow up contact. Or if a committed new member who wants to be a caseworker isn't going out on home visits then that requires some attention also.
  • Reg. SVdP  --  this is whether they have registered in the SVdP membership database.
  • Ozanam, etc.  --  these are the various training programs.  For the CMS column, that should be split up into two columns, one to indicate that they have been entered into the CMS membership database with appropriate coding of role; and the second to track whether they have received CMS training.
  • Handbook  --  indicates that they have received a Caseworker Handbook.

St. john neumann

 SJN has a checklist as well as a Case Worker Manual. Included in the manual and appendices is the checklist.