A marketing toolkit for SVdP Conferences to use for ministry fairs, community events, meetings, and any other SVdP related activities. There are two ways Conferences can get a Marketing in a Box Kit:

  1. For Free upon submission of a “Recruitment Plan” for usage of the materials over the next year to the Communications Committee (

  2. For $375 without submission of a plan. *Some Conferences qualify for a $500 Kroger gift card special



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Please fill out this form to customize these products for your conference. we will send you the proofs for approval and then place the order. if you have any questions please contact amanda stricklin at AStRICKLIN@SVDPGEOrgiA.ORG.

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Example: Please join us at our monthly meeting in the Parish Hall Library at 4:00pm on the second Tuesday of every month.
Example: - 128 Families Helped - Parishioner Contributions October 2018-September 2019 $53,070 - TYPES OF ASSISTANCE Utilities (Gas, water, electric) $7,817 Housing & Rent $46,463 Temporary Housing $7,172 Other (Prescriptions, Transportation, etc.) $191 - CONTACT INFORMATION, phone number or Officer name and contact
This can be anything you want including current events, news, client stories, etc. You can get creative here, or even put up your own photos. Call Amanda if you would like to discuss.
Do you want your Member Name Badges to include a photo? *
If yes, please email your member's photos to Khadijah Hall at
Photos will be edited for size and brightness as needed.
EXAMPLE (we need you to edit each of these areas) - Need Help? Call our helpline at 678-892-6163, Tuesday 8am-10am. Please leave a message. - Contact: First Name, Last Name, New Member Coordinator - Service Area: St. Vincent de Paul at Christ Our Hope provides assistance for COH parishioners regardless of zip code and families and individuals that live in zip codes 30038 and 30058 (Lithonia) WAYS THEY CAN HELP - GROW Spiritually: Provide ways members can do this in your Conference. • Become a Caseworker. Visit with clients. Listen and assess their needs, providing them with financial assistance for rent, food, medical, utility, car and/or inusrance bills as needed. • Become an Intake Specialist. Answer calls and messages from potential clients on the Helpline to determine eligibility. CREATE Friendships: • Attend monthly meetings. • Participate in special annual events such as the Hunger Walk/Run and Spring to Life Annual Assembly. SERVE Others: • Assist with monthly SVdP second collections envelope. • Volunteer in the Christ Our Hope food pantry on the: 1st, 3rd, 4th Thursday- 10am-2pm and 2nd Saturday- 9am-1pm