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Invitation to Lead: All Officers

This formation opportunity is for all new Conference officers, including Presidents, VicePresidents, Secretaries and Treasurers. Even if you have attended this training in the past, but are now serving in a different capacity, you should attend for that specific officerposition. Spiritual Advisors should attend the Spiritual Advisor training on November 5th.

Throughout the day, typical Conference officer duties will be addressed, including attracting new members, meetingattendance, timely reporting, and relationship building. Wewill also discuss the servant leader role in addressing these issues, while emphasizing that no one leader should “do itall”. Participants will walk away with both overarching governance principles and specific action itemsto take back to their Conferences. The information will be presented by Vincentian Services staff and experienced past and present officers to provide inspiration and hands-on training. Please note that all materials will be provided for you, as well as coffee and lunch.